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Ball Floats For Steam Traps


Ambuja make ball floats are widely used by steam trap manufacturers and its the most important part or can be said the heart of steam traps. As the steam pressure in the steam trap rises it lifts the ball and the small ball welded on the top of ball float which takes seat on the adjusting hinge stops the flow of steam after certain pressure there by it performs a crucial function in steam lines. This Steam trap ball are manufactured from standard materials like 304 S.S, 316 S.S, M.S as per clients requirements. Hinges are welded on the float which has a small SS ball welded which takes seat on the nut in the steam trap assembly where there is opening i.e entry os steam. The Hinges are manufactured from die which are either clients scope of they pay the charges of making hinge bending die so accuracy is maintained at all times.

Sr No. Dia of Ball
1. 58 mm
2. 64 mm
3. 75 mm
4. 102 mm
5. 138 mm