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Floats For Air Valve


Ambuja make ball floats for air valve with rod welded on the top of the ball and this float is demanded in various weights and in various thickness as per the valve requirements. We after many years of research and development have worked with valve manufacturer in co-ordination to manufacture this ball floats. This ball floats for air valve can be manufactured in any size using any material and having any weight which our clients demand. Specific Ball floats as per customers design and data are custom built to suit the valves the best.

AMBUJA BALL floats with Guide Rod standard Sizes available in 304 S.S, 316 S.S, M.S material or as required.

Sr No. Valve Size Dia of Ball Guide rod Dia Guide rod Length Approx Weight of Ball + / - 5% Of Tolerances in weight
1. 25mm 75mm 12mm / 16mm 50mm 150 grms
2. 25mm 85mm 12mm / 16mm 50mm 250 grms
3. 25mm 90mm 12mm / 16mm 50mm 300 grms
4. 50mm 100mm 12mm / 16mm 50mm 400 grms
5. 80mm 115mm 12mm / 16mm 75mm 600 grms
6. 85mm 127mm 19mm 75mm 940 grms
7. 100mm 150mm 25mm 75mm 1.3 Kgs
8. 150mm 190mm 25mm 100mm 2.5 Kgs
9. 200mm 250mm 25mm 125mm / 150mm 3.5 Kgs

Ball Floats with Guide rod welded on the diameter is also available and can be tailor made as per clients requirements and desired gauge and specific weight in desired material quote on request.