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Ball Floats For Air Valve


Ball floats holds wide application in industrial field it can be used as an indicating instrument of the quantity of water in tank. It can also be used in making various kinds of water overflow valves. Ball floats are used by construction companies and in making railings of road pedestrians. Ball floats of various materials are manufactured to suit varied applications. We at ambuja specialize in manufacturing Ball Floats in various dia as per customers drawings, stainless steel ball floats, hemispheres, semi circle floats are more used in grades of 304 SS, 316 S.S other materials are also available like C.S, Monel, etc. Floats of any shapes are possible and can be quoted on receipt of drawing or data sheet.

Dia : 1” to 10” Connection : Threaded Male / Female or blank i.e as required.

AMBUJA Ball floats Standard sizes for Air valves, 25mm Dia, 50mm Dia, 75mm Dia, 100mm Dia, 115mm Dia, 127mm Dia, 150mm Dia, 172mm Dia, 200mm Dia, 250mm Dia, 300mm Dia, 325mm Dia.

Ball floats for Air valve have two basic designs.


AMBUJA make balls floats without any connection just round balls are widely used in air valves. This valves are demanded in different sizes as per valve body.